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I normally don't like to foray into the political ramifications of the church but I had to spend a little time on this one since the conclusion reached by the author was an out and out line.

Ok, I admit. Once in a while, when I am in a fighting mood (and have an empty stomach) I sneak over and read what's going on at the (mis-named, IMO) Virtue Online website. (I have to peer through the bushes at the dark side once in a while, I can't help it). David Virtue has gone on a toot over the so-called celebration of the homosexual agenda at The University of the South at Sewanee. He makes the absolutely false claim that because they missed their fundraising goal by 10% and only 40% of their alums gave money in the past year 60% of the alumni have are voiced a vote of "no confidence" in the school and in "the homosexual agenda" by not donating.

I looked at that and intuitively thought, "Horse briquettes. If that school has 40% giving from their alumni, that's an amazingly great percentage of alumni donors." I have done a lot of volunteer fund raising and development work for my alma mater, Truman State University, here in Kirksville, and I was thinking to myself we have NEVER been that good.

So I shot my buddy Denise Smith at the Truman State Development Office an e-mail, and here is an excerpt from her reply:

"I know years ago, we have always had a goal of above
15% and growing....Anything below 10% is considered very poor. I would think anyone that has a 40% giving rate should be really excited."

So much for that 60% "no confidence" stuff.

I'm going to say this with as much Episcopalian diplomacy as I can muster. If someone is unhappy with TEC, if they need a more "fundamentalist" bend to their Anglo-catholicism, fine. But let your beliefs and views stand for themselves. Don't spin tales on statistics and don't tell lies on what that 40% means. Oh, and while you're at it, if y'all want to leave, I'm sorry you feel that way, Godspeed, I hope you find what you are looking for on your journey, but don't be leaving with the church's stuff and don't let the screen door hit your booty on the way out.



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