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Ya know, I had a sudden realization. As much as I like to talk about Trinity, I've never posted a picture of her on this blog. I particularly like this one. It was taken Dec. 16, a few hours after Sunday services. We had an ice storm, followed by a snowstorm, and I particularly like the icy trees mixed with the snow in this photo.

She's not a particularly big place, but she certainly is a grand old girl, built in 1917. The fun continues, as Mother Nature continues to beat up on Kirksville, every Saturday, like clockwork, keeping me busy with that snow/ice removal stuff. Today was no exception. At 6:50 a.m., when I arrived to shovel her walks, I had to laugh. Across the street, First Christian had their little snowblower dude out. Catty corner and down the street, the Methodists had a four-wheeler with a snow blade attached, cleaning their sidewalks. Trinity just had me and my little shovel. Felt like it was David against the snow Philistines!

I'll end with the picture taken above Trinity's front door. Gotta love those icicles. This is Kirksville winter the way Kirksville winter is meant to be!


A wonderful, atmospheric picture. I can imagine standing in the road all muffled up against the chill but with the sun making me squint.....

Thanks, D-P. I like to think I'm a half decent photographer. What's fun about our old Trinity girl is that she sits in the neighborhood in Kirksville called "church row", this little English Craftsman/Tudor building in the middle of some postmodern style and "Gothic with new stuff cobbled on the sides" churches. She's very distinctive in her uniqueness. I like that in a building (and in people!)



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