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Well, it started when I was at the house of one of my friends, burning palms. (Yes, burning palms.) We get no "intelligence points". We were burning the Palm Sunday Palms on the coldest day of the year in Kirksville--5 degrees F and -15 wind chill. But it was one of those things we had put off till the last minute, and with Ash Wednesday coming early this get the drift. So there we were, the three of us, being huge fools.

Ever notice how one kind of foolishness breeds another? Anyway, I had admitted writing one verse of a dog hymn, and the next thing you know, we had done the 2nd and 3rd verse, using combined experiences with our dogs. So now the dog hymn is complete!

We have decreed that dog hymns should only have three verses b/c dogs don’t have all that long an attention span.

The God of Canines Praise
To be sung to "The God of Abraham Praise"
(if you need a reminder of the tune, there is an audio file at )

The God of Canines praise, who looks out from above
He brings good dogs all kinds of treats and lots of love.
With rawhide chews and bones, and dog cookies galore
We bow and bless his sacred name for evermore.

When dogs are chasing deer, or eating frozen bats
Or rolling 'round in raccoon poop, or chasing cats;
Their God protects them all, their little doggy souls
When they encounter rancid food or digging moles.

Dogs have eternal life implanted in their souls,
No matter what some clergy say, dogs’ spirits are whole.
When we pass from this world, when our sparks cease to glow,
If there's no dogs in heaven, well, then we won't go!


bow wow wow wow

Even I couldn't say it better than David Charles walker.

Rowan, I'm sure Mr. Boomer and Mr. Eddie would love to sing harmony with you, if you'd carry the tune!

Mrs. Tiggywinkle and Waggamuffin love this song.



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