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As you can see, I did some redecorating!

The template is a free template from Ray Creations, and some "sizing and customizing" was done by Stephen Emlund of CreativeImprov here in Kirksville. There are still a couple of glitches to work out (mostly that the longer titles get cut off), but Stephen is a bright guy, so I'm sure he'll figure it out.

Ok, that is my shameless advertising plug.

Meanwhile, just a few words about my choice of template. That one jumped out at me because it reminds me so much of the view across my pasture at night!

Anyway, hope you enjoy, and be patient as we work out the glitches!



Can I just say, WOW?

And, "HOLY COW!!!!"

Other than that, I'm speechless!

Well, Elizabeth, you should have seen MY face when I saw the free template! You could not have designed one that incorporates so MANY features of my pasture at night...the flat pasture, the lone tree here and there, the purplish tone to the evening sky, the stars that I see away from the "lights of town"...

Not to mention Stephen is great. He actually works at KCOM/ATSU as their "web dude" but he also designs on the side. I can't do enough shameless plugging on how he was able to tweak the template to incorporate my widgets and stuff. I highly recommend him to any of my blog friends.

BTW, here is where I found the free templates:

Lovely - simply lovely. Happy 4th!

When I saw your new template, I was saying to myself "Oh WOW! OH WOW! This is perfect for Maria!"

And so I click on comments, and Elizabeth has already said it all.

This is great, Maria!

I also added a "share" widget and a new "subscribe" widget.

Now that you have widgeted your way into the template world, this is stunning, Maria. Such night skies always hold a bit of mystery and awe for me...the world, between lightness and darkness, that inbetween place of wonder and got it, in real life and in your new blog look. Fantastic! I like!

There are no words. I fainted. With joy.

Oh my Lord!

GORGEOUS new template. Not kidding, maybe the best I've ever seen EVER! This is great Maria. Reminds me of when i lived on the farm and could lay down in the grass and watch shooting stars. Oh, this is nice. And you know I'm not one to go on but MAN! You rock Maria.

Just breathtaking. And, very personal. Ya done good, Girl!

This. is. AWESOME!!!!! Freakin' AWESOME! I luf it!

Oh hell yeah!



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