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(From the Stations of the Cross at St. Paul's on the Green Episcopal Church, Norwalk, CT, by Gwyneth Leech)

Tenth Station: Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

Leader: O holy Christ, we worship you, we adore you;
People: They divided your clothing amongst them by casting lots.

As they reached Golgotha, Jesus was offered vinegar mixed with gall, and he refused it. Some sources say that this was offered him to subdue him, as most people fought being nailed to the cross with the last ounces of their strength. Other sources of ancient commentary postulate it was a poison, designed to help speed his death and avoid the agony of death by crucifixion. Whatever its purpose, Jesus refused it.

Jesus had already been stripped of his freedom. He had been stripped of his strength. Now, as the approached the cross where he was to die, they stripped him of the last thing he possessed on this Earth--his garments. He was physically exposed, but in refusing the vinegar and gall, he had refused to be stripped of his mental state. He refused to be stripped of his ability to hear and speak to God. Even in his weakest, emptiest, most vulnerable moments, he did not give up his God-consciousness.

Leader: Although Jesus' meager garments were taken from him,
People: His tormentors could not separate him from his relationship with God.

Leader: Let us pray.
(a brief period of silence is observed.)

God, you are always present, and present in all things.
Keep us from stripping things from others that are dear to them.
Help us to feel your divine love always,
so that we have no need to strip others
of their dignity, of their hopes and dreams,
and of their self-worth.
Remind us that others can strip things from us,
but cannot strip us from your love and your presence.
Strengthen us to also resist the bitter cups
of vinegar and gall when they are offered to us,
and instead taste the sweet nectar of your kingdom on earth.

People: Amen.

Holy God,
Holy and Mighty,
Holy immortal one,
Have mercy on us.



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