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Had to catch up from a weekend of errand running, so I didn't get to post this as usual on Sunday afternoon. Sunday's sermon by Wallace was based on the first part of Luke 5, what I always call "An amazing day fishing." Jesus gets Peter and his buddies to take the fishing boats out and despite Peter's assertations that they didn't catch doodly squat earlier, they haul in the catch of the day.

I know how Peter must have felt b/c I once caught a 43 lb. flathead catfish on a bank pole and it was pretty exciting. Those days you catch a lot, it's not the bait, it's not you, it's simply an act of grace. Wallace made a good point about how although fundies tend to treat this passage as a reason to go out, "hook" people and drag them in the boat, maybe it's more about just casting out your net, and through grace, hauling in the abundance.

I would add that there is a certain adventure to fishing because you can't see what's under the water, only imagine. There is a lot of anticipation on what you might catch when you feel that line or that net tug. Maybe you're going to throw it back, maybe you're going to keep it. Maybe it is a lunker! But if you don't throw out that line or cast that net I guarantee you won't catch a thing. You can't win if you don't play. It's like the guy who always prays to win the lottery and God finally yells, "Meet me halfway! Buy a ticket!"

So as we go about ordinary life, it becomes important to just keep casting out the net of "who we are" as we seek to be closer to God. No need for fancy expensive bait, just cast your net out. Be ok with the days where you catch nothing. But some days you'll find God's grace leaves you with an abundance.



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