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Well, now that I know what my Lenten game plan is (see my earlier post, "Lent's coming; look busy") it sounds odd but I am kind of looking forward to starting it.

There is something wonderful and comforting for me about the book of Isaiah.  I'm not sure if it is for the reasons all the scholars get into the book, though.  A lot of scholarship of Isaiah is about fulfillment of prophecy regarding Christ's coming.  Seems that Christ Himself liked the book a lot; he quotes from it now and then in the Gospels.  It seems to be a book that had a frame of reference for Jews of NT times.

But I'll be honest, I like it for it's powerful imagery, particularly the parts with "outdoor imagery."  It connects me to the beauty of the outdoor world.  It connects me with my unique spot in this world.  It has a sense of "wholeness" in its own right.  It interplays light and darkness.

As I get ready to start studying it this week, I am struck by my eagerness to go there, and I'm not sure what that is all about.  I guess the answer is, "We'll see!"



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