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Well, here's some good news from the late Bo's house. Bo's mom and dad brought home a new housemate for Miss Zera Ruth, Mr. Griff. That's Griff on the pet cot and Zera on the floor, so it's obvious Griff has chosen the choicer spots in the house.

Griff is a well-traveled dog. He originally came from a breeder in Columbia, MO, who took him to the local humane society there because he could not sell him. He was only a couple of days from being euthanized and a rescue group in Quincy, IL picked him up. He has been hanging out at a foster home in Quincy.

Zera was missing her friend Bo, so her hoomans found out about Griff and the three of them went to check him out. He and Zera got along very well, so what started out as a trip with three turned out to be a return trip with four.

I am going over to Zera and Griff's house tomorrow to meet Mr. Griff for the first time. I probably won't bring Mr. Boomer and Little Eddie this trip, but they will come for a visit sometime soon.

Anyway, thought you might like to meet Miss Zera Ruth's new pal!


From the look in that photo, Miss Zera Ruth is thinking: "He was fine for a playdate, but I didn't mean for you to bring him HOME!!!" ;-)

I love seeing this!!! And I love what Doxy says.

Well, we had a similar experience in this house when we first brought Mr. Boomer home. Little Eddie actually chose Boomer from the dogs we looked at in the shelter. Everything was good for two days...and on the third day, Eddie did nothing but snarl and fight and hoard his toys. I about lost it laughing when he jumped on the couch and glared at ME with this look that said...

"Ok, dat goggie had a good visit, but when he gonna go HOME?"

Of course by the end of day three, we were all over that, and now you can't go anywhere, one without the other.

I got a kick out of this particular picture of Griff and Zera b/c Griff looks like, "Oh wow! What a nice bed!" and Miss Zera is going, "Sigh. That WAS Bo's bed, and I thought NOW it was gonna be mine. Didn't anyone tell Griff I had dibs?"

Hooray! A good-news story!
Great photo, KirkE.

What a great story! Wonderful that he was saved.

Am currently doing rehabilitation and training with a rescued 1.5 year old German Shepherd that had been abused. Such a beautiful breed! So glad to learn of stories about dogs (and cats) are afforded a wonderful home and that second chance they deserve! Thanks for posting this - what a wonderful addition to their family!

Yeesss! A story with a happy ending!

This is good news indeed. Smokey is very glad to hear it and so am I.



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