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It's not every day you go for a walk with the vicar and get to see a minutes old puppy!

We were doing one of our "walk and chats" out at the campground at 1000 Hills lake. As we walked by a tent, a young man goes, "Hey! My dog just had a puppy!" So of course, I had to go over and investigate. Sure enough, his dog had a minutes old puppy next to her.

The man and I got to talking and there is a great story about his dog (the mama dog's name is Roxy, by the way.) Well, he and his wife had taken Roxy to the vet to get fixed. Hmmm. All I can say is "they didn't fix her." He noticed she was looking pregnant, and told the vet, who said she'd be glad to her...for free. But in the meanwhile, they had taken Ms. Roxy on their camping trip, and I guess she decided that having her pups at the state park seemed like a good idea.

I don't know how many pups she ended up having, because we continued on our walk, but Ms. Roxy seems to understand the motherhood thing ok for being a first-time mom, and this little guy she had first is incredibly cute.

But I'm not sure going for a "walk and chat" with the vicar is ever going to be the same...I think he's going to get the idea that very weird things can happen when you hang out with me...



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