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Well, we’re coming down the home stretch...the last set of versicles before the concluding collect...

V. Favorably with mercy hear our prayers;
R. O Son of David, have mercy upon us.
V. Both now and ever vouchsafe to hear us, O Christ;
R. Graciously hear us, O Christ; graciously hear us, O Lord

It’s four lines of a very simple request: Christ, hear us.

What is it we want most when something great just happened to us, or something awful just happened to us, or we have an earnest hope, or a terrible fear? We just want someone to listen. We don’t necessarily want someone to “do” something, or respond a certain way. We just want to be heard.

Sometimes I don’t have anything in particular to take to God, but just want to be heard. As much press as Jesus got for “healing”, sometimes I don’t need to be healed, I’d just like some company—just like sometimes I itch for human company. You know, just a pleasant conversation. The problem, of course, is you don’t just get to chat Christ up. It feels a little one-sided, if you are expecting a conversation with words.

But awareness can take us into at least one form of “conversation”. Sometimes things sort of “unfold around you” after prayer. But if you’re not aware, you might miss it. Sort of like talking to someone in a foreign language.

I don’t think there’s a magic answer to this. But I think it’s like the Powerball ads—You can’t win if you don’t play.


Another good one. Thanks for these reflections.

On the more mundane level, I have a hunch it's that desire for someone to hear us that leads many of us to blog and/or participate on Facebook. What do you think?

Very possible, Lisa. There are many times my blog becomes "my way I would tell it if I was talking to God." I find it arranges my scattered thoughts. Without this arranging process, my conversations with God sound more like someone with Tourette's syndrome!



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