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You can see even more of these on the Church Sign Generator website. You can make your own, but they have quite an impressive collection of real church signs, too! (I do have to wonder what "undies Sunday" is, though)...


Very funny. I have used that generator site myself - it can be useful!

What exactly takes place on "undies Sunday?"

Mickey, I was hoping you could tell us, what with a seminary education and all. I have no clue!

I have a clue Mickey,....but I'm discreet,

Ah, here it is in the Oxford Dictionary of Christian History:

Undies Sunday (also known as Undies Sundies and Boomer's Bloomers for Jesus Day amongst the Evangelicals) was originally initiated by the Rev. Arnold "Iron Fist" Hanes, Rector of St. Megetia of Carthage Episcopal Parish in Cornhole, Nebraska. Father Hanes was trying to introduce the use of underwear amongst his extremely rural congregation, and decided that once-a-month-underwear-inspection would be the best path to take. On the third Sunday of the month, everyone in the parish was expected to come to church wearing their underwear on the outside of their clothing, for ease of inspection. Unfortunately, the Rector received his Discretionary Fund from the loose offering on the third Sunday of the Month, which soon became the monthly Low Sunday,and he went broke. Father Hanes was eventually relieved of his Cure for his Liturgy of St. Joqui which began: The Lord be with you And also with you. Pull up your drawers! We pull them up over our clothes Let us give thanks for these fine boxers and briefs! It is wrong to wear thongs. While this liturgy fell into disuse after Father Hane's excommunication, it was recently revived by Harold "Fruit O' The Loom" Underoos of the Church of the Ascension in Depends, Iowa.

Kirk, these are hilarious. You were right that Padre Mickey would be able to help. He is so very learned.

Well, I decide to Google "undies Sunday" just to see what shows up on Google (with some fear about WHAT would turn up on the search...but I found an announcement in a Mennonite Brethren church that answered my question! See below...

"Undies Sunday's month
June is undies Sunday's month. Corner of Hope is collecting a variety of new underwear size 2 - 4x Men's, Women's, Boys and Girls. Place them in the wash basket beside the Usher's Room."

Well, I like my story better and I'm sticking to it!

As well you should, Mickey!

Customize text on signs @ (make graphics online using text, upload photos or use a webcam).



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