Random and not so random musings from a 5th generation NE Missourian who became a 1st generation Episcopalian. Let the good times roll!

Time for a little humor to break up the seriousness. One of my friends sent me the "purity test"...

You Are 54% Pure

You're not so innocent... in fact, you're quite unpure.

You have seen and experienced a lot. And you're no worse for the wear!

Yeah, yeah, so I'm not so pure--only 54% pure, in fact. Actually, I thought I ended up better than I thought I would turn out. I knew I was in trouble when I realized I had checked ALL the boxes related to cursing. (Yes, I have taught a small child how to curse.) That's why I need to write a spiritual blog--so I can overcome part of my past, present, and future, ok????


I am delighted to learn that you are human!

And 100 question test - why bother, I know I am in big, big trouble.

But I also know that I am already in seemingly good company!!

Oh, Fran. Sooooo human!

Actually, the questions are pretty fast. You just go down the line and go "Yep. Yep..nope...ehhhh, define that!"

Gee, whoda thunk it? I'm 84% pure. Acourse, I AM a priest, and therefore a Most Holy Fella.



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