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Hola, mi novia dulce Señorita Chompita Wiggletail of Padre Mickey fame! Like I told you, we had our animal blessing at church a little late. But here I iz wif our Padre Wallace at the blessing. I wuz not real happy in dat picture cuz he is 6 foot 7 and dat is a LOOOOOONG way up for a little black dog to be! We also remembered you, my sweet. Everyone at church waz rather entertained that I have a Panamanian girlfrien and dey asked me 'bout 'choo.

Dere were a lot of little white foo-foo dogs at the blessing. I thought about that tonite becuz Kirk was watching "Silence of da Wams" on TV and I think dat Pwecious in dat movie look a lot like Debby's dog Louie. Here are some of da white foo-foo dogs:

See what I mean? Dat Louie (he on da left), he look just like dat dog Pwecious. It make me want to say "It put da lotion on its skin or else it get da hose agin!"

Oh, and we think Boomie haz a cousin. Here is Boomie wif Miss Zera Ruth. Dey look like both of dem had a twaveling salesman for a daddy, you think? Dey sure both look a lot alike!

But we had a good time at the blessing. We all did a pwayer and den Padre Wallace told some story about his kitty he had years ago dat would sit and purr at his feet when he used to sit and do his centering pwayer. I thought, "Why sit on da floor, silly kitteh, when you coulda sat on his wap?" When Kirk sits and prays, I sitz on Kirk's wap and Boomie stares at us. Oh, well, kittehs don' make sense sometimes. Den we got blessed and den we did another pwayer and den we sang something, I think dey said it wuz da "Dogsology." Dat didn't make sense because dat would leave da kittehs out, but oh, well, ok-fine.

Our fren Wynne brought her kitteh in what looked like a kitteh twap to me. I thought, "Oh, boy! I could have some fun chasing dat kitteh, ' but dat kitteh jus hissed and yowled at me fum inside da kitteh twap. I thought, "Hmmm, dat kitteh is wather anti-soshul." But other than da anti-soshul kitteh, I thought it was a lot of fun. I slept in the van all da way home!

Anyway, Señorita Chompita Wiggletail, I wuz sorry you could not be dere when I became da Blessed Little Eddie. I missed you, sweet girlfren!

Your boyfren,
Little Eddie


I'm in love with your dogs....

Trust me, if they met you, they'd be in love with you too. They are horrible flirts and they know it!

I've always said that I'm an indiscriminate flirt---I'll flirt with men, women, children, and animals. ;-)

Flirting is all about making other people (or animals) feel good about themselves. Never hurts my mood either...

Oh, but it´s the KIND WORDS that really add to the peace and peace of it (and so do my doggers and birds).

Happy Sunday (and thanks St.Louis for the Barack Obama tribute at the Arch)

Oh dear, Gracie saw this and I think she is going to want to try to steal Eddie's heart from Chompita.

I hope this doesn't get ugly. I told Gracie that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but one look at Eddie and she flipped.

(this is a gorgeous post. i love it.)



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