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You all remember my wonderful new gold tooth a while back. Well, I finally got the bill. The tooth was 1088.00 and with incidental assorted associated dental hoo haa the total bill was $1550.00.


My insurance (ok, take a deep breath, say "thanks be to God" for having a job with bennies) paid the rather amusing amount of $666.00.

Ok, breathe... write the check....

But, please...if I drop dead, would someone please get their pocketknife out and pop my two gold crowns out, have them melted down, and donate the money to my church?


LOL...I love ¨Gold Crown¨ stories...I have dentist was a gorgeous young woman in Puerto Rico...she was about to be married so I exchanged all my Bacarrat ¨Gold Circle¨ Goblets and Wine Glasses (a set of 12 each) for my CROWNS (even though I opted for Porceline! Yep, years later I moved back to Puerto Rico and she and I laughed and laughed about our exchange of my Gold Circles and the one she put on her finger as they are still serving her well and have appreciated in value.

Astonishing. I don't remember what mine cost me.

I love the $666 detail.

I love Leonardo's story!!!

Oh dear- how much? I have two gold crowns and got them when I had really good dental insurance a couple years back.

Don't worry Kirk, someone will get them out of your mouth and into the right hands, but let's not rush that!

I agree with Fran! Let's not rush this!

My crown is porcelain. I think I'm happy about that.



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