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We are having a pretty good fall colorfest this year in NE Missouri. I came home from work yesterday and all of a sudden I noticed my burning bush. It never disappoints me in the fall, and this fall is no exception! Since we are very much an "Oak-hickory" forest land up here, we have plenty of brownish-reds and yellows, but a little shy of orange and brilliant red in the natural surroundings. We often have to look for those colors in town in the things we've planted. There's a brilliant orange-red sugar maple next to the vicarage; I was telling the vicar I didn't know if his neighbor's tree would inspire him or distract him in his homily prep this weekend!


Keep rubbing it in, will ya ;)?

That is just beautiful!

Very beautiful. We are having some astonishing colors too.

My oh my how beautiful!

I live in oak/sycamore woodland, and this time of year is yellows, browns (and lots and lots of that!) and greens. Some of the natives, though are blooming depending on whether they are on the north or south side of the canyon here... purples.

Soon everything will be emerald against stark deep red sandstone cliffs.

I just took a photo of our burning bush. The fall here has been perfect.

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