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...from our friend Counterlight...

I just have one thing to say, and a request...

My thing to say:

If this is the rapture, well, I'll just stay home, thank you.

My request:

I am now regretting more than ever my lost opportunity in 1982. In 1982, I was in a truck stop in Memphis, TN. I missed my chance to have the best piece of "bad religious art" I could ever have, because I am a cheap-ass.

I saw a truck stop painting (black velvet, of course) that could only be titled "The Ascension of Elvis." It had Elvis (young Elvis, of course, in a white outfit) climbing a golden stairway to heaven with musical notes trailing behind him and Jesus beckoning him at the top. On a cloud on the top left was his mother. On a cloud on the top right was Hank Williams.

The picture captivated me for its utter trailer court tackiness. But I saw the price tag, and it was $40 in 1982. Well, here's my offer....

Using the calculator from this site, $40.00 in 1982, if you followed the consumer price index, is worth $85.94 now. I have a 49th birthday coming up March 27, 2009. I would pay $85.94 for someone to paint me "The Ascension of Elvis." It doesn't even have to be on black velvet. I want to atone for my cheap behavior in failing to recognize the value of this bad religious art masterpiece. Help me!


You have no idea how much I wish I could paint right now:)

No more than I wish I could for the last 25+ years!

My favorite was a painting on black velvet of Jesus driving a big rig.

If you really want to do it up right, it should be on black velvet with Christmas lights poking through at strategic places. I have a relative with a painting of Venice that features Christmas lights, and it's always been my measure of "elite tacky."

Ruth wins the giant kielbasa.

It's gotta be the lights. The sparkle attracts rednecks, much in the way flame attracts moths....

You might consider searching ebay. Believe they have a black velvet painting of Elvis with Jesus (not as exciting as the one you described) at:



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